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Hippocampus Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of its books division. (We made our official announcement live at HippoCamp 2016; watch it here.)

Like our magazine, our focus is on creative nonfiction. We’re enthusiastically looking for compelling work in the following categories:

  • Memoirs
  • Essay collections
  • Literary journalism
  • Travel writing
  • Craft books
  • Creativity books

If you have something you think fits, you may query or submit your proposal here.

In the fall of 2016/early winter 2017, we’ll unveil a website dedicated to the press. Between now and then, this page will serve as the info hub for our book division!

Our first title is something special. Here are the details:


[pre-ordering begins Nov. 1*]

Selected Memories: Five Years of Hippocampus Magazine is a celebration of where we’ve been and a testament to the power of telling true stories. Since we launched our journal in 2010, we’ve published more than 600 pieces of creative nonfiction from more than 500 emerging and established writers. We’re proud of our contributors, and we admire their bravery for sharing pieces of themselves. This collection is a representation of our first five years. It’s filled with more than two dozen stories that moved us, made us laugh, made us cry, made us want to read them again. (pre-order it here and save $2.)

Hippocamp collection cover three old tvs


More contributor information and full books division/ecommerce site coming in January (update: it’s live.).


The collection will include, in no particular order:

Holy Tribunal Jane Hammons 7/1/2011
The Thing That Worked Ben Jolivet 10/1/2011
X-Rays Are My Souvenirs Susan Rukeyser 11/1/2011
The Reluctant Grown-up Fred Amram 1/1/2012
Toothbrush MT Cozzola 6/1/2012
Right-Sized Rats Diedre Sinnott 9/1/2012
A Graveside Nuptial Sean Finucane Toner 9/1/2012
A Burning Need Jim Gray 11/1/2012
Demanding This Jessica Bryant Klagmann 2/1/2013
Wash Me Clean Cathy A. E. Bell 10/1/2013
Laughing in Navajo: My Journey to the Rez Dorothy Hodell Brooks 11/1/2013
Stitching the Womb Pamela Ramos Langley 1/1/2014
Post. Wait. Delete. Amy Braziller 2/1/2014
When We Talk About Guns James Stafford 3/1/2014
Fabric Andrea Fox 6/1/2014
Savage Blossom Amber K. Peckham 6/1/2014
Birayshul Dawn S. Davies 8/1/2014
Lessons in Sign Jennifer Alise Drew 11/1/2014
How to Attend an Indian Funeral Allison Williams 11/1/2014
Another Version of Us Suzanne Farrell Smith 11/1/2014
These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends Mary Killian 12/1/2014
Bereaved Bernard Grant 1/1/2015
Things in the Shape of Trailers John Yu Branscum 6/1/2015
Briggs Avenue Trace Ramsey 6/1/2015
Silence, Stillness Lisa Nikolidakis 10/1/2015
The Sound of Ice Tyler Lacoma 11/1/2015
Until We Have Loved Jeanine Pfeiffer 11/1/2015
Object Lessons Carol Smith 11/1/2015
Second Breakfast Kay Marie Porterfield 1/1/2016
Body Warmth Deborah Esther Schifter 5/1/2016
The Laundromat Sandra Gail Lambert 6/1/2016
Still Stephanie Andersen 6/1/2016
Sell Me Michael Andreoni 6/1/2011

*Page updated 10/4/16 to reflect change in presale date from 10/15 to 11/1.

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