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Our archive of interviews with authors, publishers, agents, filmmakers, and other literary and publishing professionals.

Interview: Alan Watt, author of The 90-Day Novel

alan watt in hat in front of lake

I encourage students in my writing workshops to “write through” with the purpose of getting the story out of their heads and onto the page…. As the author of The 90-Day Novel, Watt has taken that writerly advice and created a successful step-by-step approach to story.

Interview: Dani Shapiro

dani shapiro

Years ago I was in a little Cape Cod town poking around in its delightfully tiny indie bookshop with aisles so narrow that you had to walk sideways. I came across Dani Shapiro’s memoir Slow Motion…

Interview: Linda Joy Myers, President and Founder of National Association of Memoir Writers

linda joy meyers

There is a wide divide between reality and remembering, and the memoirist is often left alone in his or her struggle to straddle that gap.

That’s why organizations such as the National Association of Memoir Writers, or NAMW, are so vital to a memoirist’s world. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself as a writer: surround yourself with other writers. And for memoirists in particular, it’s often therapeutic to meet and converse with others who are facing the same challenges.

Review: Queering the Tranny by Alex Drummond

cover of queering the tranny

A transgender and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist from the United Kingdom, Alex Drummond is out to help a 21st world better understand the notion of gender. In reality, western society in general takes gender for granted: We are born either male or female. It is a black-and-white issue with no room for asterisks, footnotes or alternatives.

Interview: Literary Agent Weronika Janczuk by Amye Archer

When I was in college, as a naive twenty something, I imagined a literary agent to be on par with a unicorn: a magical being that can transport you from one place (unpublished) to another (published) in one swoop. They lived in a faraway place (NYC) and no one ever really saw them, or could prove their existence. Yet, we needed to believe in them… Just as I was giving up hope, I met Weronika Janczuk, a literary agent with Lynn Franklin Associates in New York City.