Contributor/Alumni Updates: Summer 2020

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We’re always pleased to share updates from our family of contributor alumni and other friends. Here’s what we’ve collected between our last update and early September, 2020.

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Amy Braziller published a flash fiction piece, “Final Exam” in Hobart.

Nancy Brewka-Clark’s debut poetry collection Beautiful Corpus has been published by Kelsay Books. She is the winner of the 2019 Amy Lowell Poetry Prize.

The Colorado Independent Publisher Awards recently announced that Paloma Capanna’s book “Nearly Fifty” is a finalist for a CIPA-EVVY 2020 award. “Nearly Fifty” is a collection of essays with a central theme of surviving life’s messy, unscheduled bits. Find it wherever books are sold, including Park Road Books in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wendy Fontaine’s essay, “An Embarrassment of Riches,” won the 2020 Creative Nonfiction Contest at Hunger Mountain.

Joanne Lozar Glenn’s most recent essay, “Encore,” appeared in The Northern Virginia Review (Volume 34, Spring 2020). In April, Joanne also recently modified her annual spring “Get Away Get Writing” retreat for Zoom and is considering pivoting her Fall writing classes for older adults to an online format.

Bernard Grant has published two short stories this year, one in Craft (“The Caregiver”), one in Third Coast (“Well”), and has joined the editorial staff of Tahoma Literary Review as an associate fiction editor.

Yolande House published a lyric essay, “This Global Life,” in the premiere issue of Porcupine Literary, a new journal for teachers. She also has essays forthcoming with The Nasiona and The Humber Literary Review, and she will soon be featured on the Byline Breakthrough podcast, hosted on Soundcloud.

Jennifer Mattson will be teaching her popular class, The Art of the Essay at NYU in the Fall. It’s open to all.

Kandi Maxwell has published a new essay in the anthology Onward! by Wordrunner eChapbooks | April 2020. Kandi also published a feature essay about living off grid for Boomer Cafe July 2, 2020.

This spring, Anne Pinkerton was honored to publish the essays, “Words with Tommy” in Entropy Magazine, “The Hell of Book Proposal Writing” in Multiplicity Magazine, “Linus and B” in the Dead Mule School for Southern Literature, and “Survivor’s Debt” In Ars Medica.

Kat Read’s essay “Appetite” was published in Pangyrus.

Kirsten Reneau published a new essay “Why Do You Feel Always Sad” in Issue 22 of Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly this August. She will also be publishing a new piece, “How the Cicada Screams”, in The Threepenny Review later this year.

Marsh Rose signed a contact with Sunbury Press to publish her novel, Escape Routes. (Release date TBA.) Marsh also won first prize for creative nonfiction from New Millennium Writings for “False Memory” in 2018.

Jeffrey Seitzer published “It turns out quarantining does not mean you can take a break from parenting” in the June 18 online edition of the Omaha World-Herald.

Christie Tate’s debut memoir Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life will be published this fall by Avid Reader Press.

Kirsten Voris published a new essay “Bohemian Rhapsody, With Grubs” in Sonora Review Online on June 16. Her blog post “On Being A Tugboat” appeared on the Brevity Blog on July 28. And her short essay “Kirsten Slept Here: Part One, Otel Part One, Otel Büyük Erşan, Ankara, Turkey” ran on The Daily Drunk on August 5.

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