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We’re so honored to have been featured in magazines, papers, and podcasts over the years. Here, we’d like to share some of these stories, mentions and more. Special thanks to these media outlets and blogs for covering Hippocampus Magazine.

If you are interested in covering Hippocampus or interviewing one of our staff members or want to get in touch with any previous contributors, please visit our For the Media and Publicists page.

(Note that some online news sources will occasionally remove or archive a story after a certain amount of time, so some of these stories may not have links or they may go to a dead line; we try to keep up with this page to look for those, but feel free to let us know if a link here no longer works.)

2018-2023 Coverage

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2017 Coverage

2016 Coverage

2015 Coverage


hippocampus in poets and writers

Hippocampus Magazine appeared in the Literary MagNet column in Poets & Writers in 2011.


September 2014

August 2014

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July 2014

January 2014

  • The Great Writers Steal blog deconstructs Pamela Ramos Langley’s “Stitching the Womb,” from the January issue, to tell other writers what they can steal from this beautiful piece, especially when it comes to economy of words. 

November 2013

March 2013


January 2013


October 2012


July 2012

2012 – General

September 2011


August 2011

  • Poets & Writers –– coverage of launch in Literary MagNet section of print (p. 19) and online edition.


July 2011

  • The Elizabethtown Advocate — coverage of The Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction judge announcement


June 2011


May 2011


April 2011