Category: December 2015

Chewing Gardens by Mary Lide

greenhouse and Kew gardens in London

I chew the collars of my shirts until they’re ragged as my fingernails. This drives my mother crazier than when I used to chew my hair, which tasted like peppermint despite the fact that I did not use peppermint shampoo.

Abol Bridge by David Young

abol bridge on appalachian trail

“Bobby, it’s me. We hear that you… ran into some difficulty yesterday.” A bit of an understatement, considering he collapsed on the trail and was carried out by a rescue team, but it’s what comes from my mouth.

Universe by Linda Dunlavy

acrons and acron shells on the ground with twigs

We’re in the forest looking for acorn shells, because they make good bathtubs for the fairies. I have only one daughter, and she thinks a pinecone would be a good hiding place – fairies like to play hide-and-seek.