Alumni & Contributor Updates: Early 2024

We’re always pleased to share updates from our family of contributor-alumni and HippoCamp presenters. Here’s what we’ve collected between our last update now; most of these were submitted via our form, but we also try to keep an eye for exciting news you share on social and your own newsletters. But we can’t catch everything, and we’d really LOVE to grow this feature, so please submit your news here for inclusion in a future update.

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Nicole Breit has an essay, “Bulls Eye and Black Pants” in the forthcoming anthology Awfully Hilarious: Period Pieces.

Amy Eaton is happy to be co-host of MissSpoken, a Lady-centric Live Lit show for female identifying and nonbinary readers, which can be seen the last Wednesday of the month if you’re ever in Chicago! She is working to get their podcast back up and running soon!

Lisa Cooper Ellison published her Tine Love Story “That First Breath” in the Modern Love Column (The New York Times) on February 27, 2024. She is also the host of the Writing Your Resilience podcast.

Ren Cedar Fuller’s essay “I Am the Dippy Bird” was published in North American Review, Spring 2023. Her essay “Naming My Father” was published in Under the Sun in May 2023, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Ren’s essay “Resurrecting My Mother’s Childhood” was published in New England Review in December 2023.

Nina Gaby’s essay “Swim Like a Butterfly” was published in the March 2024 issue of Dorothy Parker’s Ashes. Her essay “One Rule from a Working Life” was published on Short-Reads March 27, 2024 newsletter, originally published in the print journal Quarter After Eight, Vol. 23 (2016).

Ona Gritz has a new memoir forthcoming from Apprentice House Press on April 16: Everywhere I Look Is A Story Of Sisterhood, True Crime, Grief, And Family Secrets

Dina Honour released a new memoir, It’s a Lot to Unpack in November 2023.

Lara Lillibridge’s hybrid, experimental essay collection, The Truth About Ringing Phones was released in March from Unsolicited Press.

Leslie Lindsay will publish a piece in the anthology Becoming Real: Women Reclaim the Power of the Imagined Through Speculative Nonfiction (Pact Press/Regal House, 2024) edited by Laraine Herring. She interviewed Andromeda Romano-Lax for her forthcoming book, The Deepest Lake (Soho Press, May 2024), based on the toxic environments of writing workshops, which will be featured in a summer issue of Fugue. Leslie is at work on a new project exploring ancestry, art, and place.

Anthony J. Mohr’s essay “The Only Child at the Party” was published in The Los Angeles Review. His essay “Private Entrance” appeared in the September 1, 2023, issue of Halfway Down the Stairs. His memoir Every Other Weekend won first place in nonfiction in the Firebird Book Awards, third in personal memoirs in the BookFest Awards, and became a finalist (parenting relationship category) in the IAN Book of the Year Awards. Anthony’s essay, “A Simple Eviction Case,” has been nominated by bioStories for the Pushcart Prize.

Rae Pagliarulo’s micro-essay “Dream Lover” was published by Short Reads on Feb. 7.

Brooke Randel’s memoir Also Here: Love, Literacy & the Legacy of the Holocaust is forthcoming from Tortoise Books in December 2024. She published a new essay, “Grief, the Interior Decorator” in JMWW.

Kirsten Reneau’s essay collection Sensitive Creatures was released by March from Belle Point Press. She will participate in a Hippocampus Stories on Sunday on May 12.

Jeff Seitzer’s memoir, The Fun Master, received Honorable Mention for the Book of the Year Award from the Chicago Writers Association.

Isaac Yuen’s debut nature essay collection, Utter, Earth: Advice On Living In A More-Than-Human World, is coming out April 2024 through West Virginia Press. Author and editor Elizabeth Bradfield writes, “Isaac Yuen’s playful, precise book will delight biologist and linguaphile alike. With persnickety glee and accuracy, he holds obscure facts of the more-than-human world up to the light in a style that’s a mashup of Rachel Carson, Gary Larson, Ross Gay, David Sedaris, and David Attenborough.


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