Resources for Nonfiction Writers

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Going along with our mission of educating and informing those interested in reading and writing creative nonfiction, we’ve compiled a list of general and creative nonfiction lit mag resources, books about writing creative nonfiction, as well as other publications, podcasts, and articles dedicated to creative nonfiction.

If you have a suggestion for this page, by all means, let us know. We’ll check it out and, if we feel it fits, we’ll add it here.

Other Creative Nonfiction-focused Literary Magazines

Blogs, Websites & Other Online Pubs Dedicated Mostly to Creative Nonfiction

(There are countless writing-related blogs and websites, too exhausting to list here, so we’ve hand-picked a few with a CNF bent.)

Creative Nonfiction-Related Podcasts

We also included a few (true) storytelling ones to this list!

Literary Magazine Market (and Other) Listings

These websites give you access to literary magazine listings and call for submissions.We also included a classic book (because, in a day of information overload, we feel sitting down with a good ‘ol reference book is refreshing and inspiring.)

Books About Writing Creative Nonfiction

Plus a few non-genre-specific ones we love, as well as some on submitting. This is by no means an exhaustive list; just a few favorites that came to mind.

(note: the links in this sections are affiliate links.)

Select Blog Posts & Articles About Writing Creative Nonfiction and Submitting Work Literary Magazines

There are so many good articles out there; we selected a few to get your started!