Editor’s Notes: June 2012

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I love this shirt. Some people don't get it right away. But I think it is brilliant!

Hi, readers!

May was so much fun! But our birthday month (and celebration) has come to an end. And that means a shiny, brand new issue of Hippocampus Magazine is live. We’re pleased to bring you fresh creative nonfiction from:

  • MT Cozzola – adult siblings play tug of war with a toiletry in the microessay “Toothbrush”
  • Joseph Edwin Haeger – a text message from a friend sends Joseph back in time in “Brotherly Love”
  • Heather Rick – a group of young adults walk on the wild side–with the help of vodka–in “In Transit”
  • Curtis Smith – during “A New Year” celebration with his family, Curtis reflects on past December 31s
  • Jennifer Tuman – living the hard life is really quite simple in “The Shangi-La That Isn’t”
  • Heather Van Deest – a van veers into a driveway and a young boy narrowly escapes in “That Makes Two”
  • Julie Marie Wade – an invitation to a birthday party fuels an eight year old’s desire to fit it–even if it means fibbing–in “Only Child”

Rounding out our June issue are these selections for our articles department:

I know I already said that May was over, but I must mention it again. As you may know, each month we award one CNF piece “Most Memorable” based on comments, traffic and social media activity. Last month, Kris Rudolph’s “Discovering Quebecois Cuisine” nabbed the title. Also, a big congratulations to our 31 winners from this month’s giveaway-a-day promotion. And a super, super thank you to our kind friends who donated prizes to our fun contest. We are so appreciative of your help! To see a list of all the prizes and winners, visit our post here. You can even click through to learn more about the books we gave away. (Maybe even support these talented folks with a purchase?)

We had a soft launch of our second Remember in November for Creative Nonfiction on May 15, but since we had our whole birthday giveaway we didn’t want to overwhelm our readers with contests, so now we’re in full swing of promoting this year’s contest! For more information and to see last year’s winners, visit the contest’s official announcement page.

Here’s hoping your unofficial start of summer is going well! We at Hippocampus hope you enjoy this month’s issue. As always, we love feedback. Mail us at info@hippocampusmagazine.com with any comments or suggestions.

Donna Talarico

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