Contributor Updates: Spring 2022

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We’re always pleased to share updates from our family of contributor-alumni and HippoCamp presenters. Here’s what we’ve collected between our last update now. We’d really LOVE to grow this feature, so please submit your news here for inclusion in a future update.

Rachel Cann, who had a story in our inaugural issue, reported that she’s since had 50 stories published in literary magazines.

Gavin Paul Colton published an essay, “Burry Me Here” in The Honest Ulsterman. Gavin is also preparing to teach a workshop titled “Writing Home” at the Carnegie Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

Laurie Easter contributed “Some Thoughts on Writing Hermit Crab Essays” to The Brevity Blog on May 9.

Rachel Fleishman published a creative nonfiction/narrative medicine essay in JAMA. This emotional essay depicts the steps taken to revive distressed babies after birth, the steps to comfort staff when the battle is lost, and the steps to inform and be present as parents weep, and ponders how to take the steps needed to process her own pain.

Wendy Fontaine published the essay “Green Pepper Standoff” in the Long Ridge Review.

Evelyn Krieger’s essay “In The Driver’s Seat” won 2nd prize in the Tuscan Book Festival Literary Awards. Her short story, “My Father’s Messiah” won the Katherine Paterson Prize for YA literature. It was published in Hunger Mountain Journal.

Nina B. Lichtenstein had the craft essay “How Creating a Writing Workshop Brought Me Back to My (Neglected) Memoir” published at The Brevity Blog.

Kathy Z. Price published the picture book Mardi Gras Almost Didn’t Come This Year. The book, which received a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, is about a family struggling to rebuild their home and spirits following Hurricane Katrina.

Donna Talarico appeared on an episode of the podcast Untenured Tracks. She also had a card feature-style game review published in Games World of Puzzles.

Allison K Williams published “Do You Need an MFA? The Absolutely, Positively Definitive Answer” at the Brevity Blog.

Catherine Young’s debut poetry collection Geosmin was released February 1, 2022, from Water’s Edge Press. Her new podcast, Landward: Readings of Place and Season, is broadcast weekly on WDRT Landward.

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  1. Rachel Cann’s story All The Beautiful Young Men has been honored by a Pulitzer Prize proposal for 2023 by the English editor of Lit.202.

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