Category: April 2012

Marking Time by Tiffany Hauck

teenage girl playing eletric guitar with amp

The colossal singularity of thousands of sweaty, jostling bodies, a nearly tangible energy bursting through the air, and enough strobing stage lights to make even the fiercest epileptic wary – these are the things I remember from the concerts of my youth.

Passed Over by Alicia Hendley

close-up shot of a chromosone

I tell Joel that I’m late and ask him if I should go get a test. I watch as the meaning of what I just said moves across his eyes, darkening them. He tells me to wait a few days. He says he’s not ready to hear the answer.

If You Could Explain It by Patty Somlo

starry night sky

It won’t happen again for a thousand years, the article said. That was enough for me to set the alarm for fifteen minutes before four on a Saturday, even though Richard and I were warm under the hand-sewn quilt, in a cabin whose walls gave off the aroma of wood smoke.

An Image of My Father by Charles B. Snoad

father and teenage son looking out

My therapist told me in one of our first sessions that children internalize the voices of their parents. Our decisions are directly influenced by what Mommy and Daddy told us about ourselves. That’s why I was in therapy in the first place…

Editor’s Notes: April 2012

I thought about making an April Fool’s Day joke in our monthly email or hidden somewhere in the new issue, but I am terrible at making things up – that’s why I love nonfiction. It’s the brilliant stuff you CAN’T make up!