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Craft: WWELD* by Risa Nye

cover of 10 Rules of Writing

After Elmore Leonard died in August at the age of 87, it was hard to avoid one version or another of his Ten Rules for Writing … Just for fun, I’d like to go through a few of these rules and add my two cents.

Craft: Back to the Beginning by Risa Nye

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Last time, I wrote an essay about endings—and for this issue I decided to write about beginnings. Topsy-turvy thinking, or all part of my careful plan? Let’s go with the topsy-turvy thinking. But I have a great excuse for going in reverse order: once again, I’ve been given food for thought by some excellent writers.

Craft: All’s Well if it Ends Well by Risa Nye

If I had to name the most challenging aspects of writing—no matter if we’re talking about fiction or nonfiction—nailing the ending would come at the top of the list, followed by “getting started” and “doing the middle bit.” Coming up with the right ending can throw a writer into a tizzy.