September 2011: Editor’s Notes

Donna Talarico in graphic tee "stop destroying the planet, it's where I keep my stuff"

Following up last month's photo with another old pic of one of my other favorite Threadless tees. This month features a prop completely unrelated to the tee however. Then again, that beer IS (was) part of my stuff.

Earthquakes and hurricanes made for a memorable August, at least for East Coasters. The end of August means the beginning of a new school year for some, and, for many, one last summer vacation. Perhaps you are even reading this from the beach.

As I put away that new white skirt I never did wear before that Labor Day deadline, I’m happy to put out a new issue of Hippocampus just in time for the upcoming lazy weekend—or today, or whenever. (I’d rather show off some new creative nonfiction than leg anyway.)

In This Issue

First kisses and last wishes.
Nathan Evans, in his essay “Firsts”, admits his first kiss wasn’t all that special—a much later one was way more explosive. And in the experimental essay, “Urns”, Nicole Oquendo shares a conversation with her mother about her “split father”, interweaving thoughts and facts about cremation.

Visits and confessions.
John M. Wills makes a post-9/11 visit he’ll never forget in “Nothing Left”. Cory Fosco relives his childhood in “The House That Built Me”. Nancy J. Brandwein, in “Confession”, delivers a poignant piece about patience.

Sticks… and sticks.
In “Playing Poohsticks,” Anika Fajardo takes some time out from a reunion with her father to play a simple childhood game, while in “Truth and Drumsticks”, Pauline M. Campos begins to overcome her body image issues as she educates her young daughter.

Plus, Lori M. Myers, in an aptly titled craft article, celebrates the power of words–and how one of her magazine articles turned a page for one community.

We’d also like to note Nathan Evans and Nancy J. Brandwein have previously published in Hippocampus–welcome back!

The Last Issue: Most Memorable

In the August issue of Hippocampus, Nancy J. Brandwein may have been “Scraping the Bottom”–but she also reached the top. Her story received the most traffic and garnered the most comments. She’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to buy some new reads–or perhaps some oldies CDs to bring back those car-ride memories from her Most Memorable-winning essay. Honorable Mention goes to Cameron Witbeck’s “The Saint of Broken Bones”; that story earned the most Facebook book activity. And, coincidentally, that essay was about his first confession, which happens to be the title of Nancy’s second Hippocampus publication.

The Next Issue: Looking Ahead

Our October issue will feature work from Marti Trgovich, Deirdre Sinnott, Alvin Burnstein, Amaila Conrad, Vanessa Chastain, Mary-Collen Jenkins and Benjamin Jolivet. Also, look for new craft and writing life articles, reviews and a to-be-announced interview! Stay tuned.

Contest Deadline September 15: $500 in prizes

Also, our Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction is still in full swing–just a few weeks left to enter your best work, while also helping the Alzheimer’s Association. We’ve been so warmed and moved by some of the cover letters accompanying the contest entries. If you missed our announcement of special guest judges, you can read it here. But, to save you a click, we’re proud to have on board: Kaylie Jones, Becky Bradway, Jesse Waters and Philip Brady.


As always, thanks for reading Hippocampus. If you like what you read, please join the conversation. Have a spectacular September. And don’t be afraid to be a rebel and wear white after Labor Day. I may just dip back into that plastic tub underneath the bed. I needed to find that other sock anyway.

— Donna

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