Prompts: A New, Interactive Feature

the word prompts inside bracketsEveryone can get involved with Hippocampus Magazine with {prompts}! Each month, we’ll post a new creative nonfiction prompt, inspired by a real-life event. Fact is stranger than fiction–if we experience something unbelievable, others must have a similar story.

Submit your response to the {prompt} below; submissions should be 300 words or less and submitted by the 15th of the month. A selection of the best submissions will be published in the next issue. Note that your submission doesn’t have to include the {prompt} verbatim. Remember–it must be true! And, if you are too shy to share, feel free to use this activity as a writing exercise for yourself!


This month’s {prompt}:

“you’ll never believe why I was late…”

What prompted this {prompt}?

I rarely arrive on time, no matter how early I leave. There was the time a random tree fell into the roadway, causing a huge back-up on a rural Northeast Pennsylvania road. Another time I forgot to put a shirt over my cami–in January. I had been in such a rush that I threw on my peacoat over the tank top; I had to turn around several miles into my trip so I could finish getting dressed. Once (actually, more than once!), my decade-old Neon nearly ran out of gas; it had been on E since I arrived home the night before. I debated for several miles whether I should stop for gas, or risk it, ignore the gas light and try to make it 20 more miles—in the tight 25 minutes I had budgeted to get from Luzerne to Scranton. I had run out of gas twice before on the way to this particular job and I didn’t want to be ridiculed—or wave down a trucker—again. I erred on the side of caution for once and stopped at a local Turkey Hill to fill up. Stopping for gas may make me late, but not as late as I could have been if I had found myself stuck on the shoulder of Route 81, I finally reasoned.

In the frantic rush of fueling up, I locked my keys inside my car. At the gas pump. — DT

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