Editor’s Notes: December 2011

Are you still eating leftovers? If not, don’t worry—it’s leftover season; there are bound to be plenty more on the way as we move into December and into the holiday season. Speaking of leftovers, we have some final business to take care of from last month’s issue:

Last Month

Congratulations again to our six Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction winners, and thank you to our readers for sharing, liking, tweeting and commenting on the winning stories.

donna in shirt that says i heart sants

Merry Early Christmas. I got you some creative nonfiction! Also, I am going to ask Santa for more silly t-shirts because I'm likely to run out of pics for editor's notes soon.

There is one more prize to give away, and we are pleased to announce the Reader’s Choice Award (doubling as Most Memorable for last month) goes to Susan Rukeyser. Her story, X-Rays are My Souvenirs, received the most traffic and also garnered some impressive social media activity; her story also won the grand prize in our first creative nonfiction contest.

And we also have 10 Reader Participation Awards to hand out; each winner will receive $10 to put toward something literary (or, really, whatever you choose!). We used a random number generator to select winners from those who publicly engaged with our winning stories. Congrats to the following folks (listed as either their real name, Twitter name or comment name):

  • Allysonlatta
  • DJ_uncensored
  • KeiraCoult
  • NorikoNakada
  • Anne (a comment on Echo of a Fall)
  • ppologroto
  • Ejasch
  • KarlynColeman
  • Julie Colby
  • Lisaoland

Please note that winners must email info(at)hippocampusmagazine.com by Dec. 15, 2011 to acknowledge to us that you are the recipient, as some winners do not have a link to an email address.

It is indeed the season of giving, and we are thrilled to award prizes to our new and loyal readers!

This Month

We’re delighted to share with you this month six new pieces of creative nonfiction, a few reviews and articles and an interview. Here’s a preview of the December issue:

Creative Nonfiction

  • Didn’t get enough turkey? In “Stuffing the Bird”, Marisa Gina Mangani shares a multi-generational tale stuffed with tradition and kitchen chaos.
  • In “The Long Way to Home Base”, Jodie Dalton reveals how she didn’t lose her virginity in the way that she’d hoped.
  • What Kim Liao doesn’t say in “Scarcity” speaks volumes about her relationship with Dave.
  • Suzanne Farrell Smith lost most of her childhood memories; however, the event she describes in “Blaze of Gloria” is so powerful it could not be lost to memory. (This is Suzanne’s second publication in Hippocampus.)
  • Rick Kempa, in “Nothing Between Us Now But Love”, takes us on a road trip through the red desert—his mother and her failing memory is also along for the ride.
  • Some people have butterfingers, but Ben Jolivet has what you could call “butterfeet”. And so does most of his family members. He chronicles these tumbles in “The Fall: A Brief Anthology”, Ben’s second publication in Hippocampus.

Articles and More

It is still early in the month, but here’s wishing you a happy holiday season. And, in this season of giving, please feel free to share the gift of creative nonfiction with your friends by telling them about Hippocampus.



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