Editor’s Notes: May 2012 – The Birthday Issue

donna talarico and k justice fisher

This month's funny tee pic, in case you can't see, has a book saying, "I've got problems!" and a calculator answering, "I've got solutions." I chose this pic because I just endured 16 weeks work of finance classes for an MBA program. That and it has my pretty screenwriter friend (and Hippo reader!), K. Justice Fisher in it. This was from 2008 at an end-of-program party during our MFA.

While it has been more than a year since Hippocampus Magazine entered the literary magazine scene—we launched our website in January 2011 seeking submissions—this month marks our one-year milestone of publishing fresh creative nonfiction, and in working toward our three-fold mission of entertaining, educating and engaging readers and writers of creative nonfiction.

I am beaming with pride that we’ve reached this point. And we couldn’t have done it without our loyal readers and staff – people like you!

We’ve published essays and memoir excerpts from emerging and established writers from all over the world. We’ve also published reviews, interviews and craft articles. We’ve relived journeys, sometimes very intimately, with our narrators, and went along as they took us to different places and times: one-night stands to decades of marriages; annulments and divorce; first dates and first kisses; foreign countries and new homes; mistakes and regrets; hilarious encounters to heart-wrenching experiences.

I don’t know about you, but reading stories such as those published in Hippocampus often make me feel more connected to the writer, more so than when reading a work of fiction. I’ve learned a lot about myself while savoring some of these works, and I’ve also made some friends. It’s been a great year. Thanks for being along for the ride!

I must extend huge, huge thanks to our volunteer panel of readers, copy editors and section editors. These behind-the-scenes folks work tirelessly on every issue. Kudos to the team!


Each day, we’re giving away a prize. Check this page for a list of prizes available and for details on how to win. Many thanks to our literary and business-owner pals for contributions. (And we’re still in need of a few more gifts…)


The May 2012 issue features seven new works of creative nonfiction:

 Our articles section includes new reviews, interviews and columns:


  • Insider Tips – Reading panel member Sydney L. Keniston shares publishing tips
  • {prompts} – Readers respond to the writing prompt, “Ooops! I wasn’t supposed to see that.”
  • Congrats to Carol Feiner for winning “Most Memorable” in April 2012 for “Any Good News?”



  • Polish up that potentially award-winning essay! Details on the 2012 Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction will be announced May 15.
  • Who are YOU? Reader Survey Results will be published later this week; due to a trip out of town just before the issue dropped, this post was not completed in time for the May 1 publish.
  • Get out your old concert tees and dust off your vinyl! The Rock ‘n’ Roll edition publishes July 1
  • Looking to reach writers and creative writing students? Sponsorship opportunity details coming this week.

Thanks again to everyone for a great first year!



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