Winners, Finalists Announced in 2013 Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction

This was the third year for the Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction, and we were thrilled with its growth. More than 150 entries piled into our reading queue during the almost-three-month submission period. I speak for our entire volunteer reading panel when I say it was quite a challenge to narrow down this many essays and memoir excerpts to a final half-dozen–in fact, we’re publishing a few that made our short list in future issues.

Our three guest judges, Paul Lisicky, Sara Pritchard and Janice Anderson, took it from there. They rated each of the six finalists in five areas: originality, ability to engage the reader, quality of writing, structure/development and use of craft. It was close.

We are pleased to congratulate and announce the grand prize winner, runner-up and finalists in this year’s creative nonfiction contest:



Laughing in Navajo: My Journey to the Rez by Dorothy Brooks


Not ‘Yes’ by Trisha Winn

FINALISTS ($15 each)

Wet, Dead Leaves by Shannon Fandler

Honorary Sister by Kevin Scott Phillips

The Fig Thief by Rachel Blumenfeld

Shattered by the Wars by Hi-Dong Chai

To learn more about our winner and finalists, look for their bios at the bottom of each story. You will find great variation between their professional backgrounds and publishing credits, a testament to our commitment to publish established and emerging writers.


Reader’s Choice Award

This award is selected by YOU! The Hippocampus Magazine reading panel narrowed down finalists and our special guest judges voted, thus deciding how the winners placed. Throughout the month of November, these six stories also will compete for the title of ‘Most Memorable’ – our usual monthly contest. However, for this special issue, the prize is $25. Good luck to our six finalists – one of you will receive an additional reward! We determine this award through numerous criteria including unique page views, social shares, comments.

More Chances to Win…

A few reader participation prizes–surprises!–will be awarded to readers of our magazine, at random, throughout the month. Simply comment on winning stories or share them on Facebook or Twitter (use hashtag #contestforCNF or mention us using @hippocampusmag to help track). Good luck!


Also in this issue…

Donna Steiner introduces us to one of her writing rescue tips: magic books. Do you have any handy?

Interviews editor Lori M. Myers speaks with Beth Kephart, author of Handling the Truth.

Kacy Muir shares her thoughts on Much Ado about Loving.

Reel Life
Jonathan Rocks reviews the documentary, Salinger–a film about the elusive author of The Cather in the Rye.

Please enjoy the November 2013 issue of Hippocampus and also please join me in giving a big thanks to our reading panel and guest judges, and a warm congratulations to our Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction winner and finalists.

-Donna Talarico, Founder/Publisher


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