Happy Holidays from Hippo: A Round-up of Seasonal Stories

Family of Feet warming at a fireplace

Happy holidays from Hippocampus magazine! In our three years, we’ve realized that so much good creative nonfiction pours onto the page from memories of family traditions. Sometimes, those traditions revolved around holidays of the wintery sort. As a small present to our readers, we’ve dug out some stories that relate, in some way, to Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

It didn’t hit me until I scoured our stories for Christmas-y ones that several stories selected for our Road Trip issue (July 2013) revolved around getting somewhere during the holiday season. When I think back at many of my family visits, I also often recall the car (or van) ride there. Isn’t that the truth though? So much in life truly isn’t about the destination, but how we ended up there. Some things, I suppose, are cliché for a reason. So true for so many that it becomes trite to hear—but not always less real.

Here are those holiday-ish pieces:

Home Fires Burning by Anne Fox – December 2012

A New Year by Curtis Smith – June 2012

Road Warrior by Vicki Mayk – The Road Trip Issue, July 2013

Driving Alone by Beverly Offen – The Road Trip Issue, July 2013

Silent Night, Fire Light by John Redmond – The Road Trip Issue, July 2013

Saint E’s by Ray Shea – April 2012

Happy holidays to you!


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