Editor’s Note — November 2014: Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction Winner Announcement

collage of five winners


This issue is an exciting one. After months of anticipation, it’s time to present the outcomes of the 2014 Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction.

Throughout most of the summer, the incredibly devoted Hippocampus Magazine reading panel read and reread scores and scores of submissions, debated, commented and made difficult decisions. Then, last month, we shipped our top five finalists’ stories off to our special guest judges Dinah Lenney, J. Michael Lennon, and Dorothy Brooks. This trio, by the way, was amazingly generous with their time; we thank them from the bottom of our Hippo hearts.

It is with great pleasure that I share the results of the 2014 Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction:


Jennifer Alise Drew, “Lessons in Sign”

 * * *


Sophie Lucido Johnson, “Variations on Prayer”

* * *


Suzanne Farrell Smith, “Another Version of Us”

Allison Williams, “How to Attend an Indian Funeral”

Thomas Gibbs, “The Grand Hotel Mackinac Island”


Hippocampus Magazine also would like to acknowledge five semifinalists: Wendy Fontaine, Dina Honour, Elane Johnson, Mary Killian and Donna Patrick. We’d also like to recognize the following writers for making the shortlist: Joanne Lozar Glenn, Jocelyn Heaney, Aileen Hunt, Jayne Martin, Dale Roche, Deirdre Sinnott, James Stafford, Douglas Thiele and Kirsten Voris. We’re making room in future issues to share these fine stories with you.

Finally, there is one award left; one of these five stories will earn the Reader’s Choice Award, which determined by page views and engagement. We’ll reveal that honor in the December 2014 issue.

In addition to the top five stories submitted to our contest, the November 2014 issue includes a review of True Stories Well Told: From the First 20 Years of Creative Nonfiction Magazine, a Writer’s Life column about a Twitter “revolution”, and a craft article on distraction.

Please join us in toasting Jennifer Alise Drew* on her winning essay and in congratulating all of our finalists.

-Donna Talarico, Founder and Publisher

* In the spirit of her essay, you could also sign “congratulations” to Jennifer. Just hold one hand with another and give it one good firm shake!