Can You Spell Podcast? Hippocampus Gets Some Buzz in Early 2015 — notes from the editor

While Hippocampus is an online publication and features readers and writers from around the nation and world, I’ve been wanting to get more involved in my local community. Not just to promote the magazine per se, but to promote the genre of creative nonfiction and, in general, just help my awesome city become a literary destination. (That is the mission of a local lit group called The Triangle, and I’ve been so pleased to have become acquainted with its founders Erin and Tyler!)

So in my quest to get involved locally, I represented Hippocampus Magazine and participated in The Triangle’s Grown-up Spelling Bee, which you can read more about here. (Hint: I made it to round three.)

donna talarico in WORD shirt holding up bee

Before the spelling bee. Photo by Michelle Johnsen.

And then back to the world. I was invited to be the guest on episode six of the Higher Ed Social podcast, produced and hosted by Lougan Bishop and Jackie Vetrano. While this podcast is aimed at the higher ed web/marketing community, much of my appearance centered on Hippocampus and HippoCamp–and how I manage to handle the magazine and a demanding day job. (Hint: That’s a work in progress!) I think our readers would enjoy this podcast to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes of Hippocampus. I shared the link on Twitter and few folks made comments about it, so I thought I would put the link someone where permanent.

Finally, Hippocampus Magazine was mentioned in Lori A. May’s new literary citizenship book, The Write Crowd. I talked to Lori about Hippocampus’ mission and running the magazine. You can read an interview with Lori, here.


-Donna Talarico

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