Celebrating Moms with Some of Hippocampus’ Mother-Related Creative Nonfiction

child-hand-in-moms-hand multi-racial familyWe publish true stories here at Hippocampus, and so many of our writers have been inspired by the maternal figures in their lives, past and present. Our pages feature scores of essays and memoir excerpts surrounding moms or motherhood, so since it’s May 10, we’ll pick 10 to share, in no particular order:

I have an interesting and blended family make-up (hence why I was drawn to CNF!) and my mother is no longer with us, so I’m always sensitive to others on days like today, when posts and stories like these can hit where it hurts. So it’s not just biological parents that should be recognized on Mother’s Day – or any day. Let’s celebrate and remember those special people in our lives who influenced us during our upbringing (or still today), whether we call them Mommy, Ma, Momma, Grandmom, a form of Dad – or by their first name.

–Curated by Donna Talarico, Founder/Publisher

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