Hippocampus Family & Alumni Updates: January 2019

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At Hippocampus Magazine,we love staying in touch with our contributors, our Hippocampus family! We love hearing about and sharing the continued achievements of these writers, as well as our staff members and past conference speakers. Each month, or as often as we have enough updates to create post, we like to share their good news! These were updates we received between our December issue and January 11.

A big congratulations to all! (Submit your news here for inclusion a future update.)


Shane Cashman
My new essay for Fatherly recounts the week I spent with our newborn son in the NICU.

Joanna Brichetto
Joanna Brichetto’s urban nature essay “Winter Solstice” is online at Chapter 16.

Amy Fish
Book, I Wanted Fries With That: How to Ask for What You Want and Get What You Need, sold to New World Library for publication Fall 2019.

Joanne Marie Lozar Glenn
Joanne Glenn’s essay, “Apologies,” placed third in W.O.W.-Women on Writing’s 2018 Q3 creative nonfiction contest.

Laura Johnsrude
“Tom Petty dies of a heart attack on the day of my breast biopsy” in my creative nonfiction piece, “Look at My Chest,” published in Issue 6 of @Spectacle_Mag ”

Anthony J. Mohr
“Big Island Reunion” (Flash CNF) appeared in Fall 2018 issue of Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series. Also, essay published in Glint, essay accepted by Saint Ann’s Review, essay accepted by North Dakota Quarterly. Pushcart nomination for short story in Magnolia Review

Anne Panning
Anne Panning has published her first memoir, Dragonfly Notes: On Distance and Loss, with Stillhouse Press. Best New Nonfiction, Finalist, 2018 American Book Fest.

Risa Nye
My story, “Pancakes at the Shutter Cafe” will be in the Hippo anthology; an essay of mine, published in the Longridge Review, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize this year.

Lisa Romeo
A short piece of nonfiction in The Inquisitive Eater (published by The New School). Lisa has spoken recently at a half-dozen NJ libraries, on turning memories into memoir, with more lined up for 2019.

Jeffrey Seitzer
Essay “Scar Tissue” in Brevity Nonfiction Blog, December 11, 2018

Todd Sformo
“Gray” published in Cirque, pp. 95-6.

Mireya Vela
Received four Pushcart nominations, and was interviewed about her artwork.


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