Hippocampus Family & Alumni Updates: September 2019

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At Hippocampus Magazine, we enjoy staying in touch with our contributors, our Hippocampus family! We love hearing about and sharing the continued achievements of these writers, as well as those of our volunteer team members and conference speakers.

Each issue, or as often as we have enough updates to create a new post, we like to share their good news! These were updates we received (or, in some cases, discovered on our own) between the release of our May/June issue release and July 10.

A big congratulations to all! (Submit your news here for inclusion a future update.)


  • Ed Doerr has published a chapbook of poetry, “Sautéing Spinach With My Aunt,” with Desert Willow Press.
  • Patricia Dwyer published a new essay, “On Elizabeth Bishop, Loss, and Coming Out After 20 years in a Convent,” in the May 7 issue of LitHub. The piece was also featured on the Poetry Foundation website: “Elizabeth Bishop and Patricia Dwyer Knew Something Needed to Change” by Harriet Staff. These and other published essays/editorials can be found at pmdwyer.com.
  • Rick Kempa reports the birth of a new literary journal, DEEP WILD: Writing from the Backcountry, whose mission is to “provide a home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads.” He invites you to visit deepwildjournal.com to read selections from Volume 1, and for information on how to subscribe and submit.
  • Laura Johnsrude has an essay, “Just as I Am,” in a recently released anthology, The Boom Project: Voices of a Generation.
  • Evelyn Krieger’s short story, “When We Were Bad” was a finalist in the Hunger Mountain Journal 2019 Short Fiction Prize.
  • Debi Lewis published a new essay, “Feeding My Daughter” in the Well Family section of the New York Times.
  • Lisa Romeo’s newest published essays are “Playing Along with my Dad’s Alzheimer’s Confusion,” Human Parts (an edited Medium publication), and the flash piece, “A Grave Duty,” in Flash Glass, part of Glassworks Magazine.

Various: We’d also like to recognize these Hippocampus contributors, team members, and friends; they each presented at at our annual conference, HippoCamp, Aug. 23-25.

Steph Auteri
Jules Barrueco
Aurora Bonner
Amy Jo Burns
Angie Chatman
Sam Chiarelli
Rachel Doughtery
Estelle Erasmus
Anika Fajardo
Amy Fish

Rebecca Fish Ewan
Joanne Lozar Glenn
Lynn. K Hall
Lara Lillibridge
Linda Lowen
Rae Pagliarulo
Lisa Romeo
Ali Shaw
Suzanne Farrell Smith
Elijah Tomaszewski
Allison K Williams

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