We’re With You, Friends: A Special Note

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We have some challenging times ahead, friends. The spirit of cooperation and collaboration is alive, however. And this offers a glimmer of hope that we — as individuals, families, and online and local communities — can get through this together. We’re resilient. In fact, as readers, publishers, and admirers of creative nonfiction — we, the Hippocampus team, are perhaps extra aware of the resiliency of our fellow humans.

Right now, many of us are overwhelmed with a sudden abundance: an abundance of time, an abundance of solitude, and unfortunately, an abundance of opportunities to worry about our health, our families, our employment, our finances.

With any luck, in this trying time, we’ll find our way to the page — the place we writers go to make sense of things. With that in mind, we’re waiving our $3 submission fee until the end of May.

We know this is but a small gesture — yet we know that small things add up.

Many in our community need to save and conserve anything they can during these times of uncertainty. Also, collectively, these would-be submission fees could instead be reallocated toward a gift card to our favorite local restaurant or indie bookseller, which likely had to shutter its doors for the rest of this month, maybe longer.

If you have something to say about this moment in time — or about anything, be it the past you took for granted or the future you can’t wait for — we want to hear about it.

Stay safe, stay home, and happy writing.


Much love and (virtual) hugs,

The editors of Hippocampus Magazine


P.S. We’ve also updated our conference website with this message: Dear registered and interested HippoCampers: August seems far away, but in these uncertain, unprecedented times, we know preparing for the day-to-day is challenging, let alone planning for events scheduled several months from now, like our annual conference. We’re following developments closely and are working behind the scenes on “the what-ifs.” Keeping your shifting personal and professional priorities in mind (as well as sensitivity for the type of content you may want and need in your inbox and timelines — for example, continual local/state/federal government updates, etc.) we will refrain from active email and social media promotion of HippoCamp for the time being. Our magazine, however, will continue to share CNF content with you to support our contributors and to provide a respite from the news when you need one. – The HC2020 team

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