SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Stephanie Feuer, Using Your Fifth Sense for Scent-sational Writing

stephanie feuerStephanie Feuer’s talk Using Your Fifth Sense for Scent-sational Writing is, as its name would imply, about the power of smell when writing true stories. Thanks to Stephanie for participating in our Q&A.


Tell us a little about your involvement this year at HippoCamp.

I’m excited about leading a craft workshop focusing on smell. We’ll explore why and how smell imagery can be a potent tool to convey mood, character and authenticity. We’ll grow our olfactory vocabulary by looking at wine and perfume professionals classify and describe scent which we will use in our own work. There will be a generative exercise that will use scent to help unlock memories and convey them in a realistic and impactful way.


What’s going to keep you busy between now and HippoCamp?

I’m always pitching, but since August is slow, I’m taking the month to work on an outline of a novel.


Since you’ll also be attending the conference, when you’re not wearing your “speaker hat,” what are you most looking forward to learning or doing? 

I’m really excited about the panel on motivation.


We love introducing Lancaster to attendees. If you live here or have been here before, what would you recommend to other attendees? And, if this will be your first time here, what are you looking forward to? 

My son competed in swim meet held at Franklin & Marshall several times. I’m a big fan of the gym at the Y and Pita Pit, if it’s still around.



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