HippoCamp 2022 Sneak Peek

We’re busy working behind the scenes building out the conference schedule and website, but since registration is open, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at confirmed speakers and sessions so far (more to come!)

We’re also posting this from, live, behind our AWP booth so for the sake of time, we’re pasting in data directly from a spreadsheet — the table below is in order by last name.

For additional clarification – the general timeline for events each day is:

  • Friday – 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. (with optional workshops from 11-2)
  • Saturday – 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. – dinner on your own – then keynote and signing from 7:30 to ~9 p.m.
  • Sunday – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. – breakout sessions, lunch, sessions and close
Last First Tentative Session Title
Aita Maryann Lighten Up: Infusing Humor into Serious Nonfiction
Artz Julie Is Your Manuscript Ready to Pitch? Your Query Audit Toolkit (co-presenting)
Arvesen Brandon Fact-checking the Family Story – FLASH
Caldwell Kelly This Way Out — Locating Your Story’s True Ending
Carnabucci Karen Writing About Trauma to Heal Ourselves and Others
Chatman Angie The First Drafts Club
Christian Aimee Writing Groups: How? Why? – FLASH
Clary Sheela What A Grocery Store Clerk Taught Me About The Art of the Interview
Cohen Jamie Beth Live storytelling – pre-conference workshop
Domenus Jackie The Power in “You”: Experimenting with 2nd Person POV in CNF
Duff Carole Becoming a Writer in the Third Chapter of Life
Eaton Amy Have I Got a Story For You! How to Find Live Outlets For Your Work or Create Them Yourself.
Ellison Lisa To Prologue or Not to Prologue, that is the Question
Fish Amy How to Hustle
Gardner Lillie Write Like a Musician
Gottlieb Diane The “I” in Narrative Nonfiction: How to Tell Others’ Stories without Taking Over or Getting in the Way
Huber Sonya First Person: Loosening Up Your Narrator – pre-conference workshop
Irwin James Building a Reputation Framework: Personal brand strategy for writers
Jakub Lisa How a Mindfulness Practice Can Improve Your Writing and Help Quiet the Inner Critic
Jones Lindsey The Writer’s Notebook: How $3 and A Simple Daily Practice Can Deepen Your Craft and Career
Kohn Lisa How to survive the memoir/personal essay “Shame Slam” – self-care and self-love best practices to keep going…powerfully
Kolongowski Jill On the Daily: Finding Magic in the Minutia (co-presenting)
Leas Dawn Getting Unstuck: 3 paths to free-flowing words – FLASH
Lichtenstein Nina Writing the Body: How to Mine Your Treasure Chest for Memories
Lillibridge Lara Let the Fragments be Enough: an Exploration of  the Segmented Essay and Micro-Memoir
Maron Janna Marlies Just Tell Me What To Do: A Case Study of a Writer-Editor Collaboration (co-presenting)
Mayk Vicki Read Any Good Books Lately? The Art of the Book Review – FLASH
Meadows Kate 5 Ways into Your Lyric Essay: A Literary Tour of Creative Nonfiction Forms – FLASH
Monticello Amy On the Daily: Finding Magic in the Minutia (co-presenting)
Mullen Suzette Is Your Manuscript Ready to Pitch? Your Query Audit Toolkit
Nasrullah Ruth A Sacred Trust: Getting it Right When Writing About Religion
Noble Randon Billings The Long and Winding Road: Publishing an Essay Collection
Ostraff Zachary Embodying Family Story with 3rd Person POV
Ouellette Jeannine That Little Voice: How to Write Captivating & Convincing Child Narrators (And Why Your Work Might Benefit from One!)
Pagliarulo Rae Creative Survival Handbooks for Writers (pre-conference workshop)
Paulson-Nguyen Kristen The Answer Is in Your Essay: Creating an Essay Title that Stands Out
Pidgeon Dave Photography for Writers: A crash course on visual storytelling for enthusiasts of the written word
Roan Lilly Which You Are You?
Repko Sue Diving into the Wreck: How to Write the Hard Parts, Come Up for Air and Self-Care, and Finish Your Memoir
Rice Dorothy Have a Great Story? Find the Right Narrative Engine to Jumpstart it and Keep it Moving
Walton Stacie Recognizing and Reducing Implicit Bias in Your Writing
Whitford Margaret Just Tell Me What To Do: A Case Study of a Writer-Editor Collaboration (co-presenting)
Williams Allison Structuring Your Memoir (by Thinking Like Novelist!) & a pre-conference workshop, “Write Better. Right Now.”

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  1. I am trying to book a flight back to Seattle. What sessions are happening on Sunday, August 14? Is it a full day?

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