Most Memorable

banner that says most memorable with books faded in back

You’ve already shared your story. We want to reward you for sharing it more.

Our mission is to entertain, educate and engage our readers. That third bullet inspired our ‘Most Memorable’ concept.

Each issue we’ll place a “Most Memorable” badge one story. The Hippocampus contributor’s piece that garners the most quality buzz during the month(s) of the issue—Facebook shares and likes, tweets and retweets, comments, traffic, mentions, and other far-reaching efforts—will receive this badge and a $10 gift card from Amazon. Note: The prize value is based on USD.

The “Most Memorable” designation takes more than numbers into consideration. We encourage honest to goodness sharing and hope the quality of content leads to unsolicited virility across the web.

The winning story/article is selected at the end of each month at the discretion of the publisher and editors and in some cases more than one per issue can be awarded.

What are you waiting for? Go tweet your favorite Hippocampus Magazine story now. Share it on Facebook. We’ve implemented the sharing tools to make it super easy.


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