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This is Your Brain on Memory: A Conversation with Cognitive Psychologist Jean Pretz by Donna Talarico

I decided to peer into the brain itself and see why we remember the things we do, and why the squishy mass inside our heads will often play tricks on us. I am fortunate to work at a college with an excellent psychology program, so all I had to do was stroll across campus to speak to Dr. Jean Pretz, assistant professor of psychology at Elizabethtown College. She answered some of my burning memory questions from the perspective of a cognitive psychologist.

Editor’s Notes: October 2011

What terrifies you? I mean, really frightens you to the point where you triple-check that closet door and, perhaps, force yourself to stay awake in fear of slipping into a horrifying nightmare? For a young Ben Jolivet, it was the Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown commercials.

September 2011: Editor’s Notes

Earthquakes and hurricanes made for a memorable August, at least for East Coasters. The end of August means the beginning of a new school year for some, and, for many, one last summer vacation. Perhaps you are even reading this email from the beach.

Interview: Anthony Youn, M.D., author of In Stitches

tony youn md author of in stitches

Youn may shape breasts (and other body parts) by day, but here, he sculpts a beauty of a memoir. I spoke with Tony in mid-July and, in our almost hour-long phone conversation, we talked about his book, his family, his media experience and the challenges he faces as the author of “a doctor” book—and whether or not I should consider liposuction for my problem area.

Interview: Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success

Wayne Breitbarth, author of LinkedIn Power Formula, giving a presentation

I love meeting people, online and in person. While I can be found most often on Twitter and Facebook, when it comes to professional networking I turn to LinkedIn. I am a huge proponent of this online network for many reasons – from job-hunting to public relations opportunities. That’s why I was super excited to receive an advanced copy of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kickstart Your Business, Brand and Job Search – and an interview with its author, Wayne Breitbarth. I caught up with Wayne in early March, just as his book was released by Greenleaf Book Group.