Editor’s Notes – December 2012

donna and kevin in courtroom before elopment having fun with plaintiff and defendent plaques

I might have exhausted my funny t-shirts to use in Editor’s Notes photos. So I will move on to props. I eloped (locally, not anywhere tropical) on Oct. 1, 2012. Since we were the only ones there, aside from the judge, we played with courtroom props, took our own iPhone photos and made a Diptic collage as our official wedding photo.

Hard to believe it’s already December! Our new issue features five fresh pieces of creative nonfiction:

  • In “Sacraments”, Elizabeth Castiglione explores (and questions) her faith as she grows up Catholic, and grows into a young woman.
  • Anne Fox reflects back to her warm childhood in “Home Fires Burning” – or is it the childhood she wishes she had that she’s recalling?
  • In “Danger by its Stem”, Elizabeth Langemak shares a fish out of water story—or, more like a chicken out of the coop tale—about her grandmother’s time on a farm—and the important lesson she passed on.
  • April Murphy takes us along on a snowy ride to the Buffalo airport—and into her head as she ponders her relationship with the woman at the wheel, and what could happen should they crash in “Vanilla Bones”.
  • Robert Weinberger learns more than how to play the piano in his “bangin’” coming-of-age essay “Sex, Drugs and Vic Giovanni”.

Our articles section features:



We have a few exciting announcements about the Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction. There is one final award to reveal, plus some reader participation prizes to give. Thanks to all who participated!

Reader’s Choice Award

MT Cozzola’s “Tell Me Something Wonderful” earned the Reader’s Choice nod in the 2012 Remember in November Contest for Creative Nonfiction. Congrats, MT!

Reader Participation Awards

The following people have won a reader participation prize, a $5 Amazon.com gift card for interacting with our winning essays via commening, Twitter or Facebook. If your name is below, please email info@hippocampusmagazine.com for more details.

  • Alexandra Borzo
  • Anne Phelan
  • Lorraine Larson
  • Carrie Chase Reynolds
  • E. Victoria Flynn
  • Kim Dalferes
  • Jackie Goedesky
  • Johnnie Grozenski
  • Joyce Richman
  • Kaylie Jones



We selected six stories to be nominated for this year’s Pushcart Prizes. See who made the list.

Enjoy this month’s issue, and perhaps reflect back on some of the most powerful stories from 2012 via our Pushcart list, and our archives.


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