Hippocampus Magazine’s Announces 2021 Pushcart Prize Nominations

image alt text: congratulations to hippocampus magazine’s 2021 pushcart nominess list: sayuri ayers, "the gift of lilies"; vanessa chan, "sharp"; chantha nguon with kim green, "the gradual extinction of softness”, paul rousseau, "curiously colored & timely animals + other things forgotten post surgery"; hannah smothers, "farm road 1623”; and michelle strausbaugh, “salisbury steak day"

Each year, literary magazine editors are invited to submit up to six nominations (for work published within that same calendar year) to the Pushcart Prize. Hippocampus Magazine is pleased to share this year’s creative nonfiction nominations:

Author Name(s) Essay Name 2021 Issue
Sayuri Ayers “The Gift of Lilies” Jan/Feb
Vanessa Chan “Sharp” July/Aug
Chantha Nguon with Kim Green “The Gradual Extinction of Softness” Nov/Dec
Paul Rousseau “Curiously Colored & Timely Animals + Other Things Forgotten Post Surgery” May/June
Hannah Smothers “Farm Road 1623” Sept/Oct
Michelle Strausbaugh “Salisbury Steak Day” Sept/Oct

If you missed these stories when they were first published, just click on the title to access the archived story.

Congratulations again to these six incredible writers; we wish them the best of luck as the Pushcart editor and board begins selection process! And also, a big thank you to the Pushcart Prize/Fellowships for their continued support and recognition of writers and small presses.

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